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Playing your favourite online bingo game just got better with the arrival of the all new Lucky Ladies Bingo. No longer do you need to study a multitude of bingo sites, because we have included all the very best classic bingo games to suit you.

Indulge yourself with the best bingo games around, 90-ball, 80-ball and even 75-ball, or our exclusive Bingo Blast game, and when you have had your fill of bingo just check out the slots and casino games we have to offer.

Bingo Blast – Exclusive to our software

If you enjoy playing mobile bingo, then you will be sure to love bingo blast, a game that is not available on any other software provider. It has been exclusively created with mobile gaming in mind, and is takes less time to play than a standard 90 ball bingo game. It can of course also be enjoyed on desktop devices too, if you are simply wanting a less time consuming bingo gaming experience.

In the same manner as other bingo games, tickets are purchased before the game begins. Once the game has commenced, in the first call multiple orange bingo numbers are shown in a single “blast”. All of these numbers are then immediately crossed off your bingo tickets.

The following numbers are called one at a time, but at a more rapid pace. This drastically reduces the duration of the game, meaning it is ideal for mobile.

This game is exclusive to Pragmatic Bingo, the software provider that powers Lucky Ladies Bingo, and you won’t find it on any other software.

90 Ball – Newbie

If you’re a newly registered player at Lucky Ladies Bingo, then you’d be wise to pay a visit to the 90 ball newbie room. If you have decided to take advantage of our welcome bonus package, you’ll be aware it includes seven days of free bingo! The seven days of free bingo games are all played in the newbie room. In case you’re not aware, you need to have made a real money wager on the site before being able to play the free bingo games.

Free bingo games take place between 1pm and 2pm and 3pm and 4pm BST. There is a maximum prize pot of £3 per game and a single player can only have a maximum of six tickets, giving everybody an equal chance of winning.

90 Ball – Jackpot

The 90 ball jackpot game is a variant of 90 ball bingo, complete with a progressive jackpot. This bingo room is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, with variable ticket prices. No matter what game you play you are able to purchase a potential maximum of 120 tickets per game. It’s possible to buy tickets in advance for future games too.

On the gaming screen where you make your ticket purchases, it will state the prize pot, and the ticket costs. Once you have purchased your tickets, there will be a countdown before the game starts. In the 90 ball jackpot room, you are playing for a single line, two lines, and a full house. If you view the information section in the bingo room it lists all the cash prizes for each respective outcome.

Now, what makes this bingo game unique is a small percentage of the cost of each real money bingo ticket purchased contributes to a progressive jackpot. If you’re fortunate enough to call a full house in thirty six numbers or less, the jackpot is yours. The amount of the jackpot can be seen within the game room window, and it continues to grow as times goes on, until it is won.

90 Ball – Clockwork

The 90 ball clockwork bingo room is open to players between the hours of 5pm and 10pm BST, and there is over £400 to be won. It’s possible to purchase anything from 96-100 tickets in any single game, and there are jackpot prizes up for grabs too, alongside the standard bingo game prize.

80 Ball – Boombox

If you wish to play in this 80 ball bingo room, you are only able to do so between 3pm and 7pm BST.

The 80 ball boombox bingo room is a great choice, if you prefer simplistic gaming. It is played using 80 balls, and you’re playing for a full house only and for a single prize, unlike 90 ball bingo. The ticket prices start from 1p and you’re allowed a maximum of 96 in standard games.

In some games though, there are jackpot prizes up for grabs too, the maximum amount of tickets a player can purchase for these games is sightly higher, at 100 per game.

75 Ball – Stars and Stripes

Our Stars and Stripes room is our only 75 ball bingo game, and it is open between the hours or 5pm and Midnight BST. It is a unique bingo game as it contains a random patterned bingo card, and the first player to fill their pattern is the winner.

In stars and stripes the ticket prices start at 2p each, and are capped at a maximum of 100 per player, per game.

In a similar fashion to the 90 ball jackpot room, the stars and stripes room also has a progressive jackpot. Once tickets are purchased, a small percentage of these are fed into this prize pot, the total of which can be viewed on the game window. In order to win it, you simply need to fill your bingo pattern in twenty four numbers or less.