Online Slot Games

If you’re perusing the internet for an online casino to play at, it would be easier to find a pair of hens teeth, than find a casino not offering online slots. Lucky Ladies Bingo has a selection of over six hundred online slot games, each one different from the next.

Online slots are essentially an online version of slot machines, which one would normally expect to see at a land based casino or an arcade hall. The slot games all vary drastically in terms of theme, jackpot sizes, bet limits and return to player percentage (R.T.P). Now, you might not know what the latter means, but we’ll cover that within this article.

Lucky Ladies Bingo has online slots from all the market leading developers such as NetEnt Gaming, Pragmatic and Microgaming and more, bringing you all the best slot games titles, such as Rainbow Riches, Starburst and others.

How do you play slot games?

Online slots are very simple and the same concept is applicable no matter which slot game you choose. Before you play online slots, you firstly need to decide what amount you will bet per spin. In most games the amount per spin can be as low as 10p, so they are not what one might call a “high roller” game, i.e. you don’t need to be betting big to play them.

Once your bet amount has been decided, you click a button to spin the reels. Depending which slot you choose, it may have three reels or five, or more.

In terms of matching a win, this simply involves matching combinations of symbols on pay lines. If you do this, you normally win a multiplication of your bet per spin amount, depending on the amount of symbols and what the symbols are. For instance, a bet of 50p, which results in matching four symbols that pays 40x would mean you would win £20 in that particular hypothetical outcome.

What are the most popular slot games?

The most popular games with players at Lucky Ladies Bingo tends to be the Rainbow Riches slots, of which there are many variants. Starburst is another popular choice, as is Finn and the Swirly Spin and Sweet Bonanza and Fishin’ Frenzy.

It can sometimes be the case that the newest releases are most peoples favourite slot, for the simple reason that they are new. Whereas, with some players loyalty to the same game is very important due to the fact they understand the bonus features and win combinations.

Return to player percentage (R.T.P)

If you play online slot games, it is important to remember they are random and entirely luck based, and strategising is impossible. That said though, every game has a theoretical return to player percentage, or R.T.P as it’s known. These percentages are the theoretical amount that can be expected to be returned to a player over the course of a gaming session.

So for example, if you were to bet £100 on a game and the return to player percentage is 94.5%, this means that the developer estimates approximately £94.50 of every £100 will come back to the player.

However, this is of course very variable and theoretical, and only to be used as an approximate guide. RTP can vary game by game, So don’t base all of your gaming choices on this percentage alone, simply use it for a rough guide.

The return to player percentage can be found within the information section on most slots, within the gaming menu.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

A large amount of online slots offer a real money progressive jackpot that increases daily, which is where the name progressive jackpot comes from, as it grows or “progresses” with time. The progressive jackpots are built up by a small percentage of each amount bet on the spins of the game, going into a metaphorical pot. It’s not uncommon for these jackpots to reach the hundreds of thousands, and they have even been known to tip the million pound mark and beyond.

The progressive jackpot slots tend to be a popular choice among most gamers, as they are seen to give a greater chance of “winning big”. Now, it’s important for us to emphasize, this doesn’t mean you are more likely to win on these, it means most players see the amount that can be potentially won as being greater, versus an online slot with no progressive jackpot.

Bonus Features

A large amount of the casino slot games offer bonus features and free spins, which can be activated at random during any game. How they are activated varies depending on the slot, and to learn how this happens, you just need to view the games information section.

In most games, activating a games bonus involves matching a series of symbols on the reels. They may actually have the word bonus upon them. It’s impossible to describe within, what each bonus feature is, as every games are different, which helps each slot stand out for the competition.